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Our role is to help entrepreneurs change the world, giving them the support they need to better organise their companies and fuel their visions. That’s why we have decided to publicly share the resources that we’ve created throughout the years to help our clients navigate their fundraising.

These include guides, checklists, models and reports that may help entrepreneurs have a better understanding of the fundraising process.*

*these are the same templates that we use internally and for our clients… They provide an excellent starting point, but remember, they’re just the beginning of your journey. If you ever find yourself in a bit of a maze, don’t hesitate to reach out: we’re here to lend a helping hand and take care of all the process, ensuring you’re on the path to success without a hitch.


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scary hazards that haunt founders & entrepreneurs

We tell our children unsettling fairy tales to teach them valuable life lessons, but the following treacherous tales are for the education of the grown ups – and they are all true, experienced and suffered through by fellow founders and entrepreneurs.

Their stories demonstrate the dangers and challenges that can impact start-ups and SMEs, and what future entrepreneurs can learn from these all-too-real nightmares.

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EU Trademark Swindle

This is a horror story with a happy ending. It’s a story about dubious marketing practices and fully fledged scams.…


These Horror Stories are recollections of real events and we’ll try to be as objective as possible in narrating them. At the same time, any judgment or opinion you will find in these articles, including the implications deriving from the use of words like scam, scheme, fraud and similar, represents our views on the topic and should be interpreted as such.

In other words, we want to help other founders and entrepreneurs avoid falling for these traps but, at the same time, we don’t want to be sued. So decide for yourself…



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How much is your company worth?

In this series of posts we will explore how pre-money valuations work, and the theoretical and practical implications of valuing a business…

Dilution Photo by form PxHere

The Dilutive Method

While the dilutive method does not provide a definitive valuation figure, it is an indispensable tool for early-stage companies seeking…
A Wealthy Unicamel Matters2

The UniCamel

The unicalmel incarnates the principles of a startup that has a sustainable business model that prioritises profitability over growth. It…
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New SEIS Rules 2023

If you are not sure if you are likely to qualify for SEIS, you can ask HMRC before you go…
London sky with monies Stable diffusion

Income-based Valuations

Income-based valuations are a crucial tool for investors and business owners in determining the value of an asset based on…
Stable Diffusion - a colourful yet serious stock market full of vitality Matters2

Market-Based Valuations

Many factors weigh on the valuation of a company, and for sure there are no two businesses alike. Furthermore, even…
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The Checklist method compares early-stage startups within the same geographical market, taking as highest value the highest valuations in the…
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Valuation: Qualitative Methods

When looking at early-stage valuations, our favourite approach is to rely on benchmarks from the market and then compare them…
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101 Startup Stages

The startup life cycle has 6 stages, no wait 5, no, another website said 7 stages and then if you…
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Early Stage Valuations

The question is: how can we evaluate the startup if we have not yet reached the stage where recurring revenues…
Early Bird Matters2

Fundraising 101

Managing to raise capital is rarely easy, and can prove to be an uphill battle, even at the best of…
founders dilution

Funders’ Dilution

It’s important to plan ahead and have your exit strategy clear from the start. What do you want to do…
DCF Valuation Template Matters2

DCF Valuation Template

This Discounted Cash Flows technique involves deriving the value of a business by calculating the present value of its expected…


How to value my company? Sure, you want to minimize the number of shares you will eventually give to investors,…


Investment Timeline Matters2

Investment Process

Closing an investment is something that could theoretically take less than a month, but this almost never happens. Normally six…
Different Witt Energy Components

WITT Energy

A patented remote power technology that is fully scalable, green, and affordable, WITT's tech transforms kinetic energy that exists in…
Capitalisation Table Matters2

Cap Table

A capitalisation table offers a breakdown of the shareholder equity that a company has. These tables or spreadsheets are known…
DCF Valuation Template Matters2

DCF Valuation Template

This Discounted Cash Flows technique involves deriving the value of a business by calculating the present value of its expected…
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Know your investor

Finding investors can feel like an incredible thing - but make sure you carry out these checks and look before…


How much are you going to pay?

Until a while ago this was a reasonable and easy question that big and small businesses could easily answer: how much are you going to pay in taxes this year? If you are based in the UK, this year it will be more challenging for small business to understand exactly how much they are going to pay. So we have decided to create a simple and intuitive calculator to help you estimate the taxes that you will have to pay.

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Want to know more how to calculate this yourself? Read this article on our Blog.