Failing Towards Success Matters2



It is not just in business or as an entrepreneur that we face challenges. All areas of life are awash with setbacks and, dare it be said, downright failures. What perhaps make these areas of life slightly different to that of an entrepreneur is the typical response to these events. In general life, we invariably pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and try again. In business that isn’t always the case, but it certainly should be!


Is this your first business / start-up? Ok, let’s talk about other aspects of our complicated lives: how many of us have perhaps experienced a relationship that, for whatever reason, just didn’t work out? How many of those people are still single now I wonder? The truth is that relationships fail and we have a couple of choices to make when that is the case.

We can stay single forever, wallow in self-pity and never take the chance to try again. Or, we can reflect on that relationship and perhaps consider where it went wrong. Acknowledge our own failings, learn, move on and try again! If the human race was unable to recover from these kind of failures, the chances are that right now there would be a lot of single people and not a great deal of reproduction taking place!

Failure and setbacks in our personal life can often lead us to a period of self-reflection and growth. From this period we are equipped to come back better and stronger than before and ultimately in a position to find happiness and success.


The world of a business owner and entrepreneur, both at established and start-up phases, is inherently one of risk. The stability of a ‘normal’ job is sidestepped as there is a passion and a craving for something more. So what happens when failure hits?

It really is no different to how we have to deal with this in our personal lives. There are, in simple terms, two choices: give up with the thought that at least you have tried but maybe this just isn’t for you, or come back fighting with lessons learned and a new mindset for success.

Failing Towards Success Matters2


If you fail once, you learn and you come back fighting. If you fail twice, perhaps at this point you are questioning your abilities. If you fail a third time and still come back for more, perhaps people are now questioning your sanity. Let them!

Each failure is an opportunity. The great achievers in life speak very publicly about the setbacks along the way. What makes them great is their response to these setbacks and failures; they came back time and time again and refused to see failure as the finishing point.

Being a successful entrepreneur is a race all be it, at times, a slow and steady one. There is a start line and as soon as that starting gun fires there will be hurdle after hurdle along the course. The hurdles may slow you down or they may even knock you down and bring you to a halt. You determine if that hurdle is to become your finish line.

“I haven’t failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that don’t work”

Thomas Edison (maybe) in relation to inventing the electric lightbulb

Failing Towards Success Matters2


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