aaa/unbranded® stands for an unorthodox approach to life, for a different approach to beauty, body care and lifestyle through an unconventional take on perfumes and skincare. 

The three aaa/ stand for Assembled Around Aesthetics, and this means creating beauty and seeking harmony at every step along the way. Also, Assembled Around Aesthetics means mixing cultures and customs, and that’s why their team is made up of people from Great Britain, Italy, Germany, and Spain. That’s another reason why they select the best production excellence from all over the world, proposing a new provenance label: Made in World.


aaa/unbranded® was born from the need to take care of both nature and people, but starting from the bottom… with an unconventional “upside down beauty routine”.

Their approach starts with meticulous care of the feet and legs to give the whole body a soothing and regenerating well-being. Why? Well, you don’t walk with your face, do you? 

In 2019, they discovered that very few people really take care of their feet and legs. So, they decided to take a couple of steps forward. They decided to “walk barefoot”, taking off everything that wasn’t essential from their brand. 

To do this they have taken professional product formulas and transformed them for daily use. In this way, a little bit of product is enough to have visible results only after a few applications.


The creative minds behind aaa/unbranded® have created an unconventional lifestyle beauty brand, taking inspiration from different worlds, with a long term strategy, for an international audience that wants to stand out of the crowd in a concrete way.

Take their spin on perfumes for example: they mix tradition and innovation. Their perfumes are made according to ancient traditions and with super selected ingredients from all over the world. On top of this, aaa/unbranded® gives them that unconventional spin, by taking inspiration from the world of food and beverage: what if perfumes were aged like wine, like whiskey? What if they had vintages, with the same product having slightly different connotations from “harvest to harvest”?


aaa/unbranded® is committed to minimise waste and use easy to recycle materials. They not only think about when you will use their products, but also about when you will have finished them and will have to throw the container in the trash. 

For them, being in balance with nature and people also means minimising the use of materials. Less materials we use, and less garbage we leave in the environment, no? Have a look at their take on sustainability or, as they prefer to call it, responsibility.


If you are interested in knowing more about aaa/unbranded® or are looking for an unconventional company to invest in, they are currently fundraising in order to push on marketing and communication. Just reach out to us and we’ll put you in touch with them!


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All you need is being unconventional! aaa/unbranded® stands for an unorthodox approach to life, for a different approach to beauty, body care and lifestyle through an unconventional take on perfumes and skincare.
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