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Vittorio Cosma

I help founders in their quests to attract investments and scale their companies.
I’m a chartered surveyor and retail is my bread and butter but my strengths shine at the very beginning of projects and business ventures: from proptech to brands, biological sciences and futuristic scenarios, that's when my eyes light up! I love to see SMEs and start-ups leap forward thanks to my support.


To celebrate the spooky season – but also because we just like the weird and creepy things –  we thought it would be great to look into some horrific startups and companies that are successfully monetising death. Check out these 5 innovations, if they are not too spooky for you… muhahaha!


Want to buy a house but you are scared of ghosts? You can buy a report from Died In House and discover if somebody was violently murdered in the property you’re going to buy.

Not just this but, at the same time, you will be able to discover if there are sex offenders registered at nearby addresses (way scarier and dangerous than ghosts). Their report also provides records of any fire that might have occurred at the address and (why not?) if the house was ever used as a Meth Lab in the past. Unfortunately, their services are only available in the Us… 


If you come to the Uk instead, you might be thrilled to know that demolishing underperforming malls is not the only answer to the long coming crisis of retail shopping. An old and derelict shopping mall in Reading was home to the post-apocalyptic Zombie Mall Experience.

The dead mall, instead of just being demolished, found new life by harbouring hordes of undead corpses coming for the lives of a handful of brave survivors. Unfortunately, as their website states “all good things must die!”, and since 2018 the attraction is closed to the public, after many years of operation and thousands of paying customers that survived the zombie apocalypse… In a very fitting twist, once again the macabre experience raised from the dead and found new life in Basingstoke, where a new spooky adventure awaits the most intrepid players. 


This might be a blessing for all black widows out there that plan to marry, murder and then showcase a long list of dead partners. For the marrying and murdering part, we cannot be of great help and the most traditional ways of carrying out these businesses might be the right way to go. But when it comes to showing off both wealth and past conquests, there are a bunch of companies that can help.

Heart In Diamond is one of these: they can transform the ashes of your loved ones into diamonds. Now, whether you are secretly planning to kill all of your spouses, or to be forever faithful to your one true love, you will be able to always carry with you the love(s) of your life in a quite fashionable way: whether love is forever or not, a diamond certainly is.


If diamonds are not really your style, and you want a more environmentally friendly way to address this issue, you’ll be happy to know that, since 2003, a couple of designers envisaged a more natural way to bury and mourn our loved ones: they created an egg-shaped pod, a seed made of biodegradable material, where our departed relatives can be placed for burial.

This Capsula Mundi can be planted in the ground with a tree, chosen in life by the deceased, placed on top of it. The body slowly decomposes and feeds the plant and the tree will grow and serve as a memorial for the departed and as a legacy for posterity and the future of our planet.

Family and friends will continue to care for the tree as it grows and cemeteries will no longer be the cold grey landscape we see today, but they will grow into green and vibrant woodlands.


Maybe you are not ready for the real thing but want to play with a couple of macabre ideas and spook your friends… Do you want to buy a severed leg, a bunch of eviscerated organs or an army of mummies? Now you can get as close as it gets with Dapper Cadaver

On their website you can find “Professional-Grade Death, Science & Halloween Props”… Many of their props are either lifecast or real items put aside for prop use and you can buy them, rent them or have your own custom props made in-house. Just don’t lose your head over it…

Scary Halloween Matters2


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